Title:Fanvideo Anni & Katrin 14 (re-re-upload)
Published:11 June 2018
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After Anni quit her job as Katrins assistant, Laura senses that there is something in the air and sees her chance to finally take revenge on Katrin (long story... see further down this description if you are interested). Laura gets into Katrins temporary (shared) appartment and takes a picture of Annis selfie that Katrin apparently did not delete yet ;)

Why does Laura want to take revenge on Katrin?
Laura is a professional fraud who sneeked her way into Katrins company to steal the money of a charitable foundation that Katrin built up together with a young doctor named Philip. This foundation is very meaningful to Katrin because it is devoted to her former boyfriend Till who took his own life because he was diagnosed with the rare desease that this foundation now wants to find a cure for. After Katrin found out that Laura wanted to destroy the foundation by stealing the money she tricked Laura into cheating on her lover, the young doctor Philip with whom Laura found love for the first time. When he found out (Katrin recorded the cheating and sent it to him) Laura lost everything including Philip and blames Katrin for her loss.