Title:Franky & Bridget | Until our last breath [+6x03]
Published:04 July 2018
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HD PLEASE!! Spoilers from Wentworth, episode 6x03.

"Hot girl... in a hot car"

THANKS SO MUCH FOR MY +25.000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!! I would never stop making fanvideos, you give me all the love&enthusiasm I need ^^

About my babies...
FRIDGET IS ENDGAME BITCHEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not believe this. I was not expecting this final for them, at least not in episode 3... WHAT A SURPRISE!!! I imagined Bridget in prison hahaha or well, a death!!!!!! But what happened was the opposite.

I AM SUPER HAPPY FOR MY BABIES. And I prefer that they won't be back if they are endgame and together happily ever after!

This video is for my soulmate!!!!!!!!!!!!! por supuesto que es para ti kafg, el hype que nos han dado, y las esperanzas... si fridget puede ser endgame yo ya creo en el amor y en todo jajaja lo siguiente roisa HAHAHAHA no caerá XD


● Show: Wentworth
● Couple: Franky Doyle and Bridget Westfall
● Song: in the video
● Coloring: jula misiak

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